Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race, Winner Keeps Car!


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      I LOVE ZHC رقيه

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      Zhc good art

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      @DREAMPOP Yes good great 👍

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      I am here in 2021 (February) I knew Brian was gonna win



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    Hi you upload very good videos I am your biggest fan I always laugh and satisfy from your customize

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    Skrrrrt ohhhh baby 🤣😂🤣😂

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    I sub to zhc

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    At the end, CUSTOMCEPTION????

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    first time i heard ZHC cuss



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    hei ZHC you nou er aem. if you dond nou aem in ROMANIEM.

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    I love! Vids ZHC

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    LoL I Can Finish That Hot Cheetos In 1 Minute

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    “There are no losers on this channel.” Uhm-

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    How are hot Cheetos hot

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    8103 what word

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    I. Love car

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    I love these vids sm😆

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    I relliy want to see you in real life

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    Tesla's are slower then Huracan but more expensive

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    Carlington Lamont

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    It is not fair because zake should be helping tube

  34. The Sweaty BOIIS

    The Sweaty BOIIS

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    Reminds me of Mr beast Lambo Video Race except he gave them a Different Lamborghini not the New one But this one is a little Higher stakes just a little lol

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    I feel bad for faze rug

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    my name is mark

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    Me: takes huge sip of water Mitchelle: oH bAbY Me: spits out all water

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    ZHC is the King of the ART

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    EA - 05LN 811666 Springfield PS

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    The cheetos are not that spicy

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    2:16 GF: “He is going to smell my farts later” lol

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    Nikkingo brevik

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    Hey Siri

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    wonder who is going to win Lambo or tesla I wonder Never judge a book by its cover and that's on period.

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    Isac Kero

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    Have you take tath idea from mr beast

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    the lambo go vroom while tesla,..... uhh go slow

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    I would finish

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    Rug all ready had a Lamborghini

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    did this but just lamgine

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    mr beast

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    Hayden CHOI [07R]

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    ahmad kawthar

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    if i am ZHC i would just be like "Winner of this drag race wins $21MIL and a whole $10MIL custom house"

    • Bledion Meha

      Bledion Meha

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      I can see ur just a kid and u dont understand it

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    Christina Vesce

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    Bro that’s fazrug who’s driving the Lamborghini

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    Ill choose the tesla

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    I need a Lamborghini

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    This is soo cool really like art btw.

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    Of course Michelle needs to win

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    light #3

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    You got this idea from mr beast good vid tho

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    Let’s be honest this wasn’t in your recommendations you searched for it.

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    That's faze rugs lambo

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    The rage in fazes eyes

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    I meant faz rug

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    My guy with the phase will come out with nothing at the end he paid for that Lamborghini you gonna buy another one what is she going to just get the one that he already has right now

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    Esmerelda Flores

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    I’m like Michell I cannot eat hot Cheetos

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    The lambo looks like FaZe Rug's car lmao

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    ZHC your the only one would help with getting some new head phones

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    Is anyone gonna question how the cars got off the track so fast?

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    Did rug get the car back or not

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    The lambo is faze rugs

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      Oh I just noticed LOL

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