Customizing A $10,000,000 House

I can't believe we painted a $10,000,000 house then paid for a ton of my subscribers rent lol

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)

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    Subscribe and I might give you custom phones, ipads, cars, or even a house! Like this video if you enjoyed it! I will be bringing on more subscribers to compete in challenges and win free custom items! We also helped a lot of people with rent because this is a video about a house. Thank you for all the support! Love you all!

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      The wow Factor

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      I Don't need some Things i have everything what i need

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  2. Sofie


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    I wish I can be just like him

  3. Fluff the kit kat

    Fluff the kit kat

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    Love you Michelle ! You’re such a great artist!!

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    PK DX

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    God bless you it is so much better and good also top 1 painter😍

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    Shania kissoon

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    Simply love yr generosity

  6. Shania kissoon

    Shania kissoon

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    Yr so good

  7. Shania kissoon

    Shania kissoon

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    I wish I could draw, as good as u guys

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    trizha Hubo

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    so pretty housee!

  9. 《The Purple Guardian》

    《The Purple Guardian》

    7 tuntia sitten

    Zhc in 2078: Customizes All Of The Countries

  10. Depressed Mạnh

    Depressed Mạnh

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    buying painting? sorry, we don't do that here

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    Sukses Trusss

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    I love yor canel

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    Sukses Trusss

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    So cool I wish I was you

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    1A35 Yung Mary

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    Paint my house next?

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    Ambar Doering

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    The editing is on point

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    My god bagus sekali

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    Paint my house sath mayd

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    Mu cut ty

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    When I grow up I am going to get a Job that gives my a lot of money

  21. Jonah O’Reilly

    Jonah O’Reilly

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    Your house cost ten million dollars omg

  22. the cringy animator

    the cringy animator

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    The competition thing WAS LITTERALLY BFDI except there is a little more different rules to that BUT WHO CARES

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    hi my name is gabe ZHC

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    Pls make more gids 😢

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    Becka Stiller

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    I think one day he may customisa a plane

  28. Becka Stiller

    Becka Stiller

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    Im living in sweden

  29. Becka Stiller

    Becka Stiller

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    Pls ZHC Come to sweden and surprice fanns

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    One pound fish cmon ladies

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    This dude is amazing 😂😂

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    I think it's better to not paint it

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    Good job

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    Incredibly talented ✊

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  36. Mikaila Andrea Curaza

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    Caroline Lentz

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    Michelle said she was going to stay there forever

  39. Bells Unicorn

    Bells Unicorn

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    He is so good at painting he is so created he might customize a whole country

  40. Sadiki Martin

    Sadiki Martin

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    Zhc can I ever be in one of your vedios

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    I swear I swear to God U swear I swear one day will be painting a city I swear

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    Hamsa Zooz

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    Can you do a whole mall

  45. sumi raj

    sumi raj

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    You guys are so talented I have always wanted to draw like you guys keep up the hard work

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    Ohoho oh😱

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    U deserve 1b subs

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    Im in india so yeah 😘 love watching ur yt

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    ZHC 2080 painting the world

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    Me and my,family need money

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    U are sooo good

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    The coherent balance naturally pop because drum uniquely number near a pale attack. uninterested, stormy step-brother

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    Kayleigh Polage

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    I feel like Zach has 40 Drawers or cabinets and closets of art supplies is it just me

  54. Levilyn Desiree Mallari

    Levilyn Desiree Mallari

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    I swear he is gonna paint every country and even every beach and even every single planet

  55. Cavin Pickering

    Cavin Pickering

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    On the Lamborghini video I need one

  56. Jimi Flowers

    Jimi Flowers

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    I would love to live in that house

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    Strawbxrry Cow

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    ok but what happens if he moves 👁👄👁

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    Lakiah Swanson

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    I love how he narrates everything

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    This got 27k dislikes Me: :O

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    i swear he will Customize the hole WORLD

  62. Shaunna Maxwell

    Shaunna Maxwell

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    When he asked Michelle to move the thingie he said: ThHaNKk UUuU MicheLLe! 🤣🤣

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    da_nanlol ROBLOX

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    Cuztomize the world even other planets and black holes

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    Baby Yoda

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    6:15 i smell jealousy

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    Miaii 7

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    Is viv specialty on potrait? Amazing ✨

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    ZHC u arensj amazing helping people I love ur videos so much :)

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    OMG I think both of you are the winner

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    That's a lot of paint

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    That's amusing

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    Albinism NY

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    O subscribe you all video youtube

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    Love it!

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    the bottom part of the dragon is unfinished-

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    i did it

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    When it gets past 6:30 in the vid ZHC is wearing a MB shirt

  77. Cody O'Hern

    Cody O'Hern

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    Mannnn these are true artist like they make there art look like they made through a computer

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    ZHC's fan

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    Hes copping Mr beast 100 percent

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    come And custmoize my House pls😅