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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)

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    1 Million likes and I have an insane surprise giveaway for everyone! Last video got 1 million likes so we are giving away 50 custom iPhone 11s! I finally replaced my broken iphone thanks to my friend in this video! Congrats on first comments: Jurich Hermano Jason Michael Alicia Siriander

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      Kotnani Laxmi Sahasra

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      2 kuukautta sitten

      you are amazing

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      Mariana Simion

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      I never have a airpods or mac

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      Hayden’s Adventures

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      I would love some AirPods

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      Rhia Encarquez

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      pleas me pleassssss kuya

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    6 tuntia sitten

    Can i please have a giveaway I live Cincinnati Williams meadow Ashley view dr 8087

  3. an epic gamer

    an epic gamer

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    Hey zhc I was wondering if you could give me some art tips

  4. Saeed Zuhour

    Saeed Zuhour

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    I love you ZHC



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    ZCH's GRANDCHILD IN 1070:I customized whole universes and giving a random kid like me

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    Sara Solomon

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    you are the best

  7. adventure with kenisha Khanna

    adventure with kenisha Khanna

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    Well I didn't knew that Charlie live with you !!!??

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    Stacie Wagner

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    Aarya Kamath

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    Can you give away the thing which I would mention in your dm

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    Soo satisfying!

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    Love yo ZNC

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    Grecia Rodriguez

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    one jeep for mom she will drive all the way please

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    Grecia Rodriguez

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    I wish I can team up with ZHC

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    You are horribley good 👍

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    manigandan N v

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    Hiii im from India (Tamil nadu)

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    Yaseen Cs

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    Satisfying video and art wow

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    XxrodriXx AMV

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    I want to live were this guy live

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    Sanya plays

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    my i pad is bokeing wwawaawaw

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    Jodi Mackinnon

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    Do a harry potter design!!!!!

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    Meena Sharma

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    Give magnet to every one and me I am from india

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    spitfire wolf

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    hi zhc my name is zach as well lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Lexi Taylor

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    James Charles HI SISTERS

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    rohan brijesh

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    Your lizard is cute😃

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    Vilizar Kadriev

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    Eigentum hallo Instagram aber I ich hab ein Zipp Screen du You youno

  30. Adnan rahman

    Adnan rahman

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    Did u guys send the giveaway in bd I watch all the video i want the giveaway but i am in bd

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    Ayla Cooper

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    Can I get a shout out plz I love your vids ❤❤❤

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    Elnare Hasanova

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    I need this apple phones is white

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    Cecilia Emerald

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    Raashi Dhanal

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    U guys are really talented

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    Zayva Selco

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    today is my birthday

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    can i also have a airpods

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    Rafia Talha

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    Zhc I want that pincel



    5 päivää sitten

    How to get participate the giveaway from India

  41. Sachira Rajanayaka

    Sachira Rajanayaka

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    ZHC can you make a video how to draw a dragon. Please.

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    Will Morris

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    This guy is so talented

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    So nice 😍 Watching from philippines 😍

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    Love you 😽

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    wow this video is super cool😎😎😎

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    Wow you are amazing bro your picture look always real

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    sulmafu reherkok

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    Pablo Sebastian Pasculli

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  51. Nihal


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  52. Team_Elite


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    The only thing I find anoying is the little baby voices that they make like your old and talk in a baby voice

  53. Rebecca Wilkie

    Rebecca Wilkie

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    Hi ZHC I am inspired by your art It has helped me to be a beater artist I love your vids :)

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    I love you guys

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    Vanessa Lambremont

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    6:43 he said zach go to bed so it was night but no ...explain pls

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    For the giveaway can I have apple pencle???? I rlly want ine

    • LILLY Fox

      LILLY Fox

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  67. Kaya


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    I WISH i could be in the giveaway but i live in england.... :((

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    I love ZHC 👍

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    Mediha Ziga

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    Hi zch I am a huge fan and I never even won a giveaway and I love ur videos

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    Jace Proffitt

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    He not a good artis he is a really good at adding details tho anybody can paint but he can add details

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    I love you vids❤️

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    zhc has the best editor

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    Lvv frm INDIA bro❤

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    I wish I could get something from ZHC, than I remember I live all the way in India 😞 😢

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    how was that Mac Pro 25,000 dollars!

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    please bring some to Ghana

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    Apple store employees:Here we go again What now Zhc. Zhc:i want 10 iPhones and another 10 iPhones. Them next time Zhc comes There you go just pay and leave you are buyying to many iphones. Thats me in my mind

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    Some of us are in Kenya like me

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    Can you do a vid of what tools you use for customizing



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    Too bad Iam from Phillipines 🤣🤣😂

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    It's me, Melissa

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